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Cool Intentions -- the webcomic

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[CI-65] BIZZARE BEAM [Dec. 18th, 2006|10:09 pm]
Cool Intentions -- the webcomic
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[Feeling: |hungryhungry]

Mack's special power explained! You've seen it before in CI-31. Strange, but interesting. Stevo himself requested the spaghetti bit. ;P
And so Mack levels up! The Background page has been edited appropriately.
Diavo's drinking Hypnotiq (yum!), and he's about to recline that recliner chair. Notice he's been using TK to levitate drinks a lot lately?
The flying playing cards don't have the shadow trail I've done before because they aren't flying at Slice -N- Dice speeds, he's just lobbing 'em around the room. "Partypartyparty." ;P
+I show some Marx Bros love -- classic, awesome. "Either he's dead or my watch has stopped!"

While experimenting with file formats I've discovered .PNG -- it's a smaller file size than Jpegs. =) If you can't see this image, your browser is far outdated, baby.

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[CI-63] COOL YULE [Dec. 8th, 2006|09:00 pm]
Cool Intentions -- the webcomic
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[Feeling: |thirstythirsty]

Good times. Maestro & his asians, Samantha Claus & a candy cane, Diavo & TK levitating martinis. =)
Like the reflection on the shiny table?

Now I'm off to hang out with the real Maestro & Mack! =)

COOL YULECollapse )
[Notes: Megan, after seeing this comic, had a dream that I wasn't coming over the next day (but of course I did), due to the "Do it again tomorrow?" line influencing her dreaming! Whoa.]
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[CI-50] S-NO DAY OFF [Mar. 6th, 2006|12:54 am]
Cool Intentions -- the webcomic
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[Feeling: |pleasedpleased]

Cool Intentions comic #50! A milestone I'm proud to have made. Onward, to 100!

Notice the character style changes. Diavo's head is boxy and wide; he's a built guy. Maestro's head is boxy but tapers downward; he's a thin guy. Cat's features are more feminine; lipstick, color eyes, shapely "delicate" jaw line, softer curly hair. Everyone is outlined a little thicker than their features/hands, and the noses are perpendicular / orthogonal. Black background now, I feel it sets the mood, or rather a mood that plain white didn't/couldn't/can't. No boarders.
I may go back to my previous style in the future, but for now I'd like to experiment with this one. Hey, this whole thing is just a big experiment for me.
Please leave your thoughts on the new style!

The vanquish of the 3\/1L SN0\/\/M4N, via teamwork. Friends gotta stick together. But now what trouble are they in for? ':-)
I really like the chaotic feel of Panel 2; it's got a "bombarded from behind" feel. And that's what's happening. But he looks so sad in Panel 3 because of it... Panel 4 has a good "pushing-over" feeling.

Ok, now I'm really finished with these SNO titles.

S-NO DAY OFFCollapse )
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[CI-39] MERCY [Jan. 26th, 2006|11:03 pm]
Cool Intentions -- the webcomic
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[Feeling: |calmcalm]

We can't have murders on our records, that wouldn't be Cool. Fun, but not cool. ;P Besides, that's what Rent-A-Reaper is for!

Diavo strains his Telekinetic powers for a few minutes. His ability is based on a weight/distance ratio. The lighter the object the further away from himself can he have control over it; with heavier objects he must be close to affect them, and focus his powers by holding two fingers up to his head. TK Strength may be enhanced by strong emotions.

MERCYCollapse )
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[CI-38] RUMBLE [Jan. 24th, 2006|02:05 am]
Cool Intentions -- the webcomic
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[Feeling: |cynicalcynical]

He's baaaaack! If you remember CI-18 [click the Tyler tag], there was mutual hostility between opposing styles (clothing, life, etc) due to each other's prejudice. Apparently while Maestro let his card-killing fantasy pass, this misguided preppy -- Tyler Ratsie -- let his drunken animosity take over on this warm January evening after hitting the bars downtown. But he doesn't look too happy in Panel 4. :-P
Note, Maestro's certainly no wimp but he was caught off guard with the punch to the face! Friends come to help of course!
+We get to see how Cat's claw appears. Kind of.
Beta Theta Beta = BOB! hehe.

Lyrics from Brian Setzer's song "Rumble in Brighton".

RUMBLECollapse )
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[CI-36] MARTI-KAY PARTY [Jan. 18th, 2006|02:56 am]
Cool Intentions -- the webcomic
[Tags|, ]
[Feeling: |happyhappy]

New colors for the new year: blue & green. And dig the CI Background page.

So Diavo leveled up and here's his upgrade: TK! Ya know, just to throw in some more fantasy. I've been playing a lot of Psychonauts in the past weeks. If I could have any special power it would be TK.
The poster is the Cherry Poppin' Daddies -- neoswing band of course. The lyrics in Panel 1 are from their song "Swingin' Like Tiger Woods (The Big Swing)". I think the Sinatra lyrics in Panel 2 fit well. I plan to add more swing songs' lyrics to my comics since hey, they are Swing Kids.

Comments welcome! =)

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